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Albuquerque’s Economic Backbone

Albuquerque is currently investing in a rapid transit system that will connect its innovation district with the University of New Mexico… oh, and all of the businesses along the Central Avenue corridor.  The best part of this… they’re putting in fiber network that will connect the major hub networks and the rest of the city for a little more than a third of the the normal cost.

The goal of this project is to create a “digital backbone” owned by the city that will allow smaller service providers to offer broadband at significantly lower costs, which in turn, will help the businesses on Central Avenue and surrounding areas join the digital economy and boost their sales.

But… so cheap!  Yep!  Since they were already planning on doing the construction for the rapid transit, they tacked on the fiber project… the ultimate “dig once” example.

The lesson here… if you will be investing in transit infrastructure, budget a bit more to improve your fiber infrastructure and the economic benefits over time will pay for the investment.

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