Utility LINE Solutions

Utility Linear Infrastructure Networking Environment (Utility LINE®) is a linear asset management system designed to support telecommunication providers. Utility LINE allows its end users to map, track, analyze, report on and manage their operational support systems using a simple, flexible, and inexpensive tool.

What problems does Utility LINE solve?

Proprietary GIS and CAD technologies make up the foundation of nearly all map-based utility linear asset management systems. Those COTS-based software packages include hundreds of tools with thousands of options that allow an expert analyst to produce an unlimited number of map-based products. However, the majority of those features have little to do with the day-to-day duties of the people who work in the industry. That leaves engineers, technicians, and construction workers confused and overwhelmed when it comes to doing even the simplest data entry tasks. The incumbent technologies are too slow, too big, and too complicated for the no-nonsense workers in the industry.

Why Utility LINE?

Utility LINE, on the other hand, is so easy to use that even novice users can learn to operate it within a few hours. Utility LINE does not require formal training, but rather calls on an intuitive, user-friendly interface with built-in tutorials and help functions, along with easy access to live customer support, both online and over the telephone. Not only does this eliminate the need to take essential staff offline while they attend expensive product training sessions, it minimizes the loss of significant training investment when new hires replace existing staff members.

Utility LINE’s benefits include:

  • Access information anywhere allowing your team to do its job without running back to the office.
  • Easy, no nonsense, data entry allowing your staff to make changes in seconds.
  • Qualify leads faster, enabling your shop to focus on viable opportunities.
  • Designed around your work flow and built to reduce truck rolls.
  • Generate quick ballpark estimates for fiber installations

Note: Utility LINE is accepting Early Adopter ‘s by invitation only.  Please contact us and let us know if you are interested in our Early Adopter program so we may notify you of future invite windows and releases.

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