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Three years ago Comcast blew off an appointment to install Xfinity at my house.

The 4-hour install window came and went while I waited at home.  The moment the install window ended, I called to get a status.  To my surprise, Comcast told me that they had come to my place and they couldn’t get though the security gate. No phone call, no text, no nothing from anyone at Comcast. After I got done explaining to customer service that my community doesn’t have a security gate, I asked Comcast to send the technician back out.

In that moment Comcast had a chance to take the reins and attempt to rectify the situation.

Credit: Opower
Credit: Opower

Needless to say, Comcast never sent a technician out, and I ended up going with another provider in my area. Sadly, most places in the US have two or less broadband providers.

The White Paper, “Moments that Matter” addresses touch points such as the one I just described as being a collection of factors that influence customer satisfaction. A good read that can be applied to most Utilities including broadband providers.

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