Broadband, Bluegrass and Bourbon

Broadband Communities Magazine and FTTH Council Americas hosted Fiber for the New Economy, a conference dedicated to bringing our Country’s broadband infrastructure into the current century. Held in Lexington, Kentucky, Fiber for the New Economy included the nation’s leading advocates, leaders, and thinkers for Community Broadband Providers. Speakers and guests coming from Federal, State and Local Government, as well as Commercial and Non-Profit participants engaged in four days and over 30 sessions to debate and collaborate on the best economic frameworks and strategies that will revolutionize broadband in rural America.

Some sessions rallied the call to eliminate the digital divide that affects rural and poor urban communities. Other sessions included discussions on public and private frameworks and the endless combinations of financing options to build out costly fiber networks. Sessions that covered topics such as how to estimate capital, operational expenses and cash flow made it clear to the newcomers that they need not start from scratch; there are tool kits and formulas that may be followed to reduce costs and mitigate early mistakes.

Fiber for the New Economy

The Bluegrass state’s investment into a 250-350 million dollar broadband network dubbed KentuckyWired was the headliner. This Public-Private Partnership is slated to bring over 3,000 miles of fiber through out all counties in Kentucky. This new network hopes to eventually bring low costs and high-speed service to the 4 million residents of Kentucky.





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