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Maintaining Fiber Records with GIS

When you have a cable outage do you rely on a system or someones memory to locate assets and isolate the fault?

Are you still using paper, flat files or a guesstimate from your Senior Engineer to plan and price out fiber routes?

In the article, “Planning Fiber to the Home, Construction in Three Hours,” it discusses the common problems facing startup and existing Community Broadband Providers.  The article describes how Farmers Telephone Cooperative (FTC) has stepped up their game in how they use GIS to design backbone fiber routes, market to new customers and maintain their infrastructure.  Don’t let their name fool you as they manage 60,000+ customers over 3,000 square miles.

Note to Small Providers: Look if your a Rural Broadband Provider with 10 miles of fiber, one stop light and one major road passing through town, by all means documenting your network on paper is likely the cheapest and most straight forward method.  Paper doesn’t need batteries, a server or staff to support it.

It’s important the solution you choose is practical and the right fit for your shop.  Whether its high tech or low tech.

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