City on Vancouver Island to get open access municipal broadband

The city of Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, is on its way to getting an open access municipal broadband network, according to the Campbell River Mirror, a local newspaper.

The Mirror reports that, after the city’s successful grant application to to the Island Economic Trust (ICET), Campbell River is looking to build the first open access network of its kind on Vancouver Island, “and is expected to be a best-practices model for other Island and Sunshine Coast communities.”

Like so many other communities across North America, Campbell River is responding, according to the city’s economic development officer, Rose Klukas, to “increasing demand for high-speed access as traditional industries like forestry or mining are having to transfer large amounts of data like 3D renderings, detailed maps and other geographic information.”

As Klukas’ characterization of industry challenges on Vancouver indicates, the primary customer is business: “We need to retain our existing businesses and enable them to grow in place,” she says. “We are also looking to attract and support technology and creative sector entrepreneurs… and competitively priced, high-speed broadband is a must-have.”

With gorgeous natural scenery and a cool climate, Vancouver Island is already an attractive destination for outdoor adventurers. With open access broadband, it may become a more appealing destination for telecommuters, as well.

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