A Google of Opportunities

Google Fiber has had a rough month… First, the news that they are rethinking their business strategy comes out in mid August, then the more recent news that they may be facing layoffs.  Google Fiber has learned the hard way, that building a gig network is expensive and not necessarily a straightforward operation.

But let’s break this down a bit, shall we, because not only are there lessons in the news, but also some potential opportunities.

As part of the rethinking process, Google Fiber is apparently investigating delivering service via wireless networks and leasing municipal networks.  Wait… leasing municipal networks?!?!  So local communities, who arguably have an edge on raising the capital to build the infrastructure, and the interest in economic development for their communities, but not necessarily the capacity to, or interest in, deliver service, may have a potential new ally.

Definitely an interesting potential opportunity for community and municipal organizations.


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