Plainville Light Posts Shedding Some Light on Connectivity

Don’t you love it when your worlds collide? The other morning I was reading the local newspaper (yes, I still receive and read a hardcopy of the newspaper) and I came across an interesting story about street light Wi-Fi in Plainville, Connecticut. Just a few towns over from myself a municipality is tackling the issue of connectivity!

Free Wi-Fi began streaming last week from streetlights in downtown Plainville. The service is being offered on only a few streets and the majority of the town will not get this service, but town officials still view it as an inexpensive and worthwhile investment for the retail businesses and residents in the area. The new Wi-Fi service cost the town $10,800 as routers were attached to 123 of the 1,424 new energy-efficient LED fixtures installed on all municipal light posts. The town will be offering advertising on the sign-on page in order to subsidize the installment.

The assistant town manager, Shirley Osle, claims Plainville is the first municipality in the state of Connecticut to offer this Wi-Fi service. While the streaming has had a few kinks in it so far, local business owners and residents are excited for the future of the service, “A lot of people who live downtown can’t afford cable and Internet service, so this definitely will be a really good thing for them.”

This free street light Wi-Fi service serves as another example of communities working to bridge the digital divide! Good for you, Plainville.


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