Election Day in Colorado: Voters Choose Local Control

In so many places across the country, the recent election highlighted differences, however, residents in rural Colorado overwhelmingly voted to opt out of SB 152, the senate bill placing restrictions on local government control of high speed internet, an inspiring show of unity and determination to control their own economy and future.

While the SB 152 may have seemed like a good thing to legislators back in 2005 when it was passed, big corporate providers have failed to live up to their promises of providing high speed internet access to rural communities. Instead, “Internet providers have cherry-picked the lucrative markets and left small communities and even more sparsely populated rural areas with substandard Internet services that are far from high speed.”

Thus far, “29 of Colorado’s 64 counties or 45 percent of counties…[and] 66 of the state’s municipalities have opted out. In total, 95 local governments have restored their authority to create local Internet choice.”  People are tired of waiting for better connectivity.

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